Wednesday Mornings at Eastlakes

9:30 - 11:30am at St Stephen's Hall (6 Westcott St.)

Fridays Mornings at Kensington

9:30 - 11:30am at St Martin's Hall (105 Todman Ave.)

Junior Jivers is a fun, musical themed playgroup for toddlers, pre-schoolers and their parents, grandparents or carers. The group involves free play time followed by a structured 40 minute music themed session (with dancing, singing, percussion and a story time). This session is followed by morning tea that is provided for children and adults and some more free play. 

Please note that Junior Jivers runs during school terms only. 

Your first visit to Junior Jivers is free. Families can then book in and pay by the term ($40 for 1 child, $20 for 2nd child). Families that enrol after the beginning of term are charged a pro-rata amount. Any siblings under 12 months of age are free.

Junior Jivers at Eastlakes on Wednesday has vacancies. Junior Jivers at Kensington on Fridays currently has a small waitlist for future terms.  Please note that families are welcome to have one free visit before they book in or go on the waitlist.  

Some more information about the Eastlakes group can be accessed here: Junior_Jivers_Eastlakes_Information.pdf

Some more information about the Kensington group can be accessed here: Junior_Jivers_Kensington_Information.pdf

If you have any questions about Junior Jivers please contact the church office and Alison (the Junior Jivers Coordinator) will get in contact with you. Email: office@keac.com.au

St Martin's Kensington

105 Todman Avenue

St Stephen's Eastlakes

6 Harry Street

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Ph: 02 9663 1538

E: office@keac.com.au