Each year at KEAC we run a course to help people understand more about Jesus and the key beliefs of the Christian faith. 

We often use 'The Alpha Course' from Holy Trinity Anglican Church in London. 

This course has had over 30 million participants worldwide over the last 30 years.

At KEAC we run a shortened version of the Alpha Course in 6 sessions. 

Here are the topics we look at:

Session 1:   Is There More To Life Than This?

Session 2:  Who is Jesus?

Session 3:  Why Did Jesus Die?

Session 4:  How Can I Have Faith?

Session 5:  How Do I Pray?

Session 6:  How Do I Read The Bible?

Each session includes a talk on DVD from Alpha presenter Nicky Gumbel, a nice meal and a relaxed discussion time. 

There is no cost to participants. 

To register for the next course please email our office -