Throughout the year we have a variety of special events that we invite people along to:

GOOD FRIDAY (with Lord's Supper) 9am at Eastlakes and 10:30am at Kensington.

EASTER SUNDAY (with Kid's Church and Easter Egg Hunt) at normal times. 

ARCC THANKSGIVING SERVICE (Australian Racing Christian Chaplaincy) - Held on a Sunday in September, 10:30am at Kensington.

CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS CONCERT - 2nd Sunday in December at Kensington and 3rd Sunday in December at Eastlakes.

LESSONS & CAROLS SERVICE - Held on the Sunday before Christmas, 10:30am at Kensington. 

CHRISTMAS EVE (Family Friendly Service) 4pm at Eastlakes & 6pm at Kensington.

CHRISTMAS DAY (All Ages Celebration) 9am at Kensington.

NOTE: We celebrate the Lord's Supper once each month at each church (1st Sunday at Eastlakes and 2nd Sunday at Kensington). We also celebrate the Lord's Supper on Good Friday, but not as part of our Christmas services.  

St Martin's Kensington

105 Todman Avenue

St Stephen's Eastlakes

6 Harry Street

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Ph: 02 9663 1538

E: office@keac.com.au