KEAC (Kensington Eastlakes Anglican Church) is the result of the merging of two neighbouring parishes almost 30 years ago - St Martin's Kensington and St Stephen's Eastlakes. 

Anglican services in Kensington were first held in the School of Arts on Anzac Parade. The original church building at St Martin's Kensington was built in 1908. The rectory was built in 1910. The middle hall at St Martin's was built in 1931 and the back hall was built in 1961. Our current church building (and connected rooms) were rebuilt after a fire in 1984. They were completed and opened in 1987. 

St Stephen's Eastlakes first held church services in the 1930's. The current building was constructed in 1972. At various times St Stephen's Eastlakes was connected with St Matthew's Botany, St Andrew's Rosebery and St Luke's Mascot. 

In 1995 St Stephen's Eastlakes merged with St Martin's Kensington becoming one parish, serving the inner south-eastern suburbs of Kensington, Eastlakes, Rosebery and Mascot. 

For decades our two congregations have worked together to help people come to know Jesus and help Christians grow in their faith.