10:30 AM  

St Martin's KensINGTON

St Martin's Anglican Church, Kensington

105 Todman Avenue

Our congregation at Kensington meets at 10.30am on Sundays. It is a congregation that has people of many different ages and backgrounds. The service contains a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. 

Our Kids Church and Youth Church programs run in the hall when church is on. Apart from a short break of a few weeks each summer Kids & Youth Church happens all throughout the year. We also have an area in the church and another space near the church that parents with young children can use. 

This congregation generally celebrates the Lord's Supper on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Morning tea happens each week and is a great time to get to know others. 

There are some parking spots on Todman Ave, however, parking is often easier at the side of the church on Balfour Rd.